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May 18 2016


Permanent Makeup Tattooing: My Experience


Permanent makeup was something which I had been wanting for quite some time. To be honest, I wasn't much of a makeup wearer, however i did like having my eyebrows colored in, my eyeliner just so, and my lips the light touch of pink. I knew that this would be something that would totally be doable with permanent makeup tattooing. The thing holding me back, however, was myself. I used to be a bit nervous for something permanent on my face. - permanent makeup salon Austin

I decided to explore the makeup tattooing. I did so a lot of research, learned all about those who had it done. Someone said so many success stories, and discovered those who had the tattooing for years and couldn't make a day without it.

Finally, after doing my research, I chose to have the tattooing done. I began with my eyebrows. I had been so glad which i did. They looked amazing and saved us a few minutes every morning. When they healed, I had my eyeliner tattooed. Again, an excellent experience. About a year after initially my tattoo, I had my lips done.

I will be here to say, I am really upset which i put off the permanent makeup tattooing for therefore long. - permanent makeup salon Austin

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